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Contacting someone

How do I contact someone about my benefit?

SSA BEST does not accept or manage applications for government assistance.  If you cannot find the answers to your question through our Help Center, we recommend the following resources:  

  • Contact the U.S. Social Security Administration, as they manage the applications and distribution of Social Security benefits. 
  • Go to the Social Security benefit page on SSA BEST and review the ‘Quick Info’ box. Here, you will find application and contact information for the benefit. 
  • Visit to learn more. 

How do I protect myself against internet scams?

SSA BEST, and its partner site, will never ask for information that could be used to identify you (e.g., name, address, phone number, Social Security number, or bank accounts.) If you have been asked to provide personal information or payment to receive government benefits, it may be a scam. Keep the following things in mind if you think you may be invovled in a scam:

  • SSA BEST is completely free to use. 
  • SSA BEST will never give you money for benefits, grants, or government benefits and will never ask you for bank account information. In order to receive a benefit from the government, you must apply for one. 
  • SSA BEST does not accept applications and will never ask you for personally identifiable information. 
  • SSA BEST only corresponds with users by email in response to submissions to our Help Center. 
  • SSA BEST will never call you. 

Learn more about how to Protect Yourself Against Scams through this article on our partner site,  

How do I contact SSA BEST?

Submitting a 'Contact Us' form is a great way to let SSA BEST know about a problem with the website or an issue with information on the website. Once you submit a 'Contact Us' form, a member of the SSA BEST Response Team will be in touch to respond to your inquiry. For questions about Social Security benefits, contact the U.S. Social Security Administration directly for more information.  

Submit a 'Contact Us' form to SSA BEST below: