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How to use SSA BEST

What is SSA BEST?

SSA BEST is an online resource to help you find Social Security benefits administered by the U.S. Social Security Administration. The SSA BEST questionnaire, benefit eligibility screening tool, will generate a list of Social Security benefits you may be eligible for based on your answers to a series of questions and provide you more information about how to apply.


  • Leverages the platform developed by the Program
  • Partners with the U.S. Social Security Administration to provide information on Social Security benefit programs
  • Increases access to Social Security benefit information and eligibility requirements to help citizens find government assistance
  • Is free to use
  • Does not have access to your Social Security records, ask for your Social Security number, administer benefits, or accept applications for Social Security benefits

How do I find a Social Security benefit? 

SSA BEST can help you start your search for benefits by connecting you to benefit programs you may be eligible to receive. Start your search with the following options:  

  • Take the SSA BEST questionnaire to help you determine eligibility for Social Security benefit programs 
  • Browse by Category  
    • Look through benefit categories and select the one(s) you want to learn more about.
  • Search by keyword or phrase.  
  • Visit the Other Resources page to find more information on government assistance. 

Am I eligible for a benefit?

SSA BEST is a great place to begin your search for Social Security benefit programs.  

  • Take the SSA BEST questionnaire, the benefit eligibility screening tool, that recommends Social Security benefits that you or your family may be eligible to receive based on answers to a series of questions about your personal situation. 
  • Use Browse by Category or type keywords in Search to go directly to the benefit page. 

What should I know about government financial assistance?

SSA BEST is an educational resource. SSA BEST will never access your Social Security records, send free money, directly offer benefit programs, call you, or directly ask you to send personal information. It is important to verify a government agency’s contact information before giving away personal information. Learn more in this article, from our partner site Protecting Yourself Against Scams.

For an online guide to additional government information and services, visit or call the National Contact Center at 1-800-333-4636